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20% Discount on $1000 or above Purchase – TheWeddingBandCo.com

We offer latest & trendy wedding bands ,gold, platinum wedding bands ,Diamond, Platinum, white gold wedding ,and rings and 20% Discount on $1000 or above Purchase. For sale inquiries and more information about his and her wedding rings and this offer free visit – http://www.theweddingbandco.com


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Diamond Wedding Bands from The Wedding Band Co

The Wedding Band Co offer diamond cut sectional wedding bands for everyone.

Diamond cut sectional center comfort fit wedding bands with coin edge inlay and high polished edges for men & women available in various finishes in your choice of 14K & 18K white, yellow, rose & two tone gold, platinum & palladium

Ring Size – 14.00

Product Code of this beautiful ring – (F0358)

Price Starts at $548.00

The Wedding Band Company believes in complete customer satisfaction and this is our number one concern.

For more information about his and her wedding bands visit – http://www.theweddingbandco.com/His_and_Her_Diamond_Wedding_Bands/catid/36

Article Source – http://platinumbands.livejournal.com/12342.html

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The Wedding Band Co Offers you Deals on Diamond, Gold, Palladium and Platinum Wedding Bands

Within their New Year and additionally Winter season Holiday celebrations, The Wedding Band Co. offers various deals on their latest platinum, diamond, gold and palladium wedding bands collections.

The Wedding Band Co has excellent news for all on this winter time holiday and New Year celebrations with the best fashions in platinum, diamond, handmade, gold, palladium, traditional and eternity rings for you at excellent prices. The Company announces their latest new year special discount offer of 15% off on platinum bands, 20% off on diamond platinum bands and 10% off on gold and palladium diamond bands from December 26 – January 6 only, so be ready to take advantage of these savings.

You have to use the specific promo codes to avail these offs and discounts on your choice of wedding bands.

Discount Code for 15% off on platinum bands – PLAT15
Discount Code for 20% off on diamond platinum bands – P20
Promotional Code for 15% off on 10% off on gold and palladium diamond bands – GP10

The Wedding Band Company announced today that they would be offering 15% off on any platinum band, 20% off on diamond platinum bands and 10% off on diamond gold and palladium bands chosen from their complete collection of platinum rings and bands at TheWeddingBandCo.com for the upcoming winter holidays and New Year. Shoppers can find hundreds of rings for this winter holidays collection that range from contemporary to classic, eternity bands, diamonds wedding rings and anniversary ring designs.

Everything is at their remarkably competitive prices for everyone and now customers can enjoy an extra 15% off on their platinum bands purchase by making use of promotional code “PLAT15”. 10% off on gold and palladium diamond rings purchase by making use of discount code “GP10”, 20% off on their diamond platinum wedding rings purchase by utilizing promotional code “P20”.

All the rings sold at TheWeddingBandCo.com are manufactured in the United States of America of the finest materials. Diamonds are G/H in color and VS1/2 in clarity. According to one of the top official at the wedding band company, “We are offering 15 percent off on platinum ring, 20 percent off on diamond platinum bands and 10 percent off on diamond gold and palladium bands on our site in your choice of ring. Just click on any ring category of the collection you want from our website, TheWeddingBandCo.com, and then choose your preferred metal from our drop down menu. Many other options will be available for you to choose from, such as diamond weights, finishes, millimetre widths, finger size and engravings depending on the ring you are viewing. Just find the ring you want and customize it to your taste it is as simple as that!”

Company’s marketing and advertising head while announcing these offers stated, “In our effort to remain ethically as well as environmentally aware, we just offer bands which are manufactured with 100% recycled metals and are sparkling with by diamonds that are 100% conflict free. All our precious metals come from earth friendly refineries and manufactures.” He also added, “Do not forget to use the promotional code “PLAT15” at checkout to get the 15 percent off on your choice of platinum band/ring. Use Promotional code “GP10” at checkout to get the 10 percent off on your choice of gold and palladium diamond bands. Use Promotional code “P20″ at checkout to get the 20 percent off on your choice of diamond platinum wedding bands. Just remember this is a limited time from 26 December – 6 Jan’2013.”

With dozens of designs launched by The Wedding Band Co to add to their already comprehensive collection of unparalleled and exceptional rings, clients will surly find the perfect gift for their loved one this holiday season. Customers can shop on the company’s website and can use the promotion codes at the checkout to avail the specific offers. As a courtesy to all United States customers, The Wedding Band Company always offers the speedy shipping.

For more information on platinum wedding bands head to – http://www.theweddingbandco.com

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Christmas Deal – The Wedding Band Company – Promo code: PLAT15

Christmas Day - DiscountBuy any of the platinum wedding bands and get 15% off on every piece. With platinum wedding bands and many more bands, The Wedding Band Company offers the quality products you are looking for this holiday season.
If you are looking to buy exclusive platinum wedding bands, they have huge range of platinum bands.

Deal is valid from Dec 17th – Dec 19th, 2012.

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The Wedding Band Co about Beveled Channel Set Diamond His and Hers Rings

wedding bandsYour wedding bands usually are exceptional since you will be wearing them throughout your lifetime. However, what would you do in case you could possibly make them even more extraordinary within your budget? Imagine if you can design your personal his and hers rings and do it within your budget.

The Wedding Band Co offers beveled channel set diamond wedding bands for everyone.

Expensive diamonds are channel set on the beveled angel of this distinctive his and hers rings with cross satin finish

Product code of this ring – HHDW0415

Engagement ring size – 4 to 15

Price starts at $3,392.00

As per the wedding band co, when choosing the best his and hers matching wedding bands, it seems that there is many selections. You have distinct cuts for the gemstone, unique settings which you can pick, distinctive metal types and even whether or not you choose gemstones set into his and hers rings itself.

For additional information, concerning his and her wedding rings and eternity wedding bands head to http://www.theweddingbandco.com/Eternity_Bands/catid/29

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The Wedding Band Co regarding the Latest Trend in Men’s Ring

These days, both women and men already support many different designs, from conventional round cuts to personalised princess cuts. The double platinum wedding band set, in particular, is right now regarded as a staple in modern-day marriage ceremony traditions.

The Birth of Diamond Rings for Men by the Wedding Band Co

It was during the late 19th century when wedding rings became a growing trend in wedding traditions. Prior to which, it was only woman who may have the rings; and even then, diamonds bands for brides-to-be were unusual. The vast majority of grooms during that time did not have on any wedding rings. Rings manufacturers and retailers sought to penetrate this market by selling the idea of double wedding ring sets. However, the typical package for men included only plain gold bands.

It was actually in the mid-20th century when diamond bands for men entered the limelight. The jewelry industry at the time all gathered under the clever and classic marketing slogan, “Diamonds are forever.” It was that simple yet clever phrase, coined by some anonymous marketing executive from a popular jewelry corporation, De Beers, which drove the diamond industry to new heights. The newfound popularity of the diamonds would eventually reach the wedding jewelry niche and soon, couples came in droves, paying good money for quality diamond rings for both the groom and the bride.

A Gentleman’s Options

Wedding bands for men now are desired in selecting for a double band wedding set. Like with women, the diamond rings for men come in various styles and cuts. People can also choose the type of metal to be used for the band itself. Currently, the top choices include white, yellow and red gold. However, there are more and more couples now choosing less traditional options like tungsten and palladium. Part of the appeal of these unconventional metals lies in their inherent durability. These are believed to be stronger and more valuable than gold.

Round diamonds, cuts continue to be very popular in double wedding band sets. A likewise in-demand alternate comes in the type of princess cuts. People can select from many different shapes. Certain companies like the wedding band co, leave the very center stone of the band un-mounted. This lets people to tailor-make their jewelry and decide the gem that they prefer. Several jewelers will even help consumers in designing their unique engagement ring. While individualized diamond wedding rings may come with a higher price marking, consumers may also be assured of a exclusive and individualized piece of jewelry.

Price Tag

There are actually platinum wedding bands that price from a few hundred bucks to many thousands of dollars. The cut, the carat, the metal and the number of gemstones all influence the costs. Several double wedding ring deals also have the diamond engagement rings. Many experts will probably advice on following a general idea in which the total cost may come under a six-month’s salary. Obviously, diamond bands are not only limited to weddings and engagements. Several couples now exchange promise wedding rings at the beginning of a budding relationship while long-term spouses exchange eternity rings during a milestone-wedding anniversary. For such occasions, jewelers can also create specially designed men’s diamond rings.

Article author writes often about gay wedding bands, diamond wedding rings, the wedding band co, platinum wedding bands, wedding rings, his and hers wedding rings. Find more information on gold wedding bands on – http://www.theweddingbandco.com as well as see the article resource – http://diamondweddingbandco.blogspot.in/2012/11/mens-eternity-wedding-bands-latest.html

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